Green Building

Conservation, Energy Efficiency by Design

McCarthy Companies is committed to building healthy living and working environments. We don’t just tell our clients we build green homes and facilities, we demonstrate it through experience with various certification programs such as LEED, Build It Green and Enterprise Green Communities. It is part of our company fabric to preserve natural habitats, protect air and water quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste in order to promote healthy, resource- and energy-efficient building practices.

At McCarthy Companies, we believe that our building strategies must align with the preservation of the environment.

Our sustainable building practices include:

  • Limiting urban sprawl by building infill communities that are integrated with their natural environments
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by purchasing materials and hiring subcontractors locally
  • Using advanced and efficient framing techniques to reduce lumber usage and using FSC-certified lumber
  • Designing and building net-zero energy buildings via state of the art solar systems
  • Optimizing indoor air quality through duct sealing and low volatile organic compound (VOC) caulking and paint
  • Reducing construction waste by sorting materials (wood, asphalt, metals) and recycling
  • Conserving water with high-efficiency plumbing fixtures
  • Using other environmentally friendly building materials where appropriate

We emphasize conservation of valuable natural resources in our construction and development ventures. We are always looking for materials that foster and maintain a healthy environment